Coolers and freezers, serving and display showcases. 

Dishwashers and icemakers, convention ovens, stoves, grills, tilting pans, salamanders, etc. 

Different brand products integrated into our products. Since we offer all catering appliances next to our own products we are able to plan ahead and together choose those that suit you best.

Dihr. Icematic. Winterhalter. Fines. Unox. Gazzi.

Cooking appliances

We offer cooking appliances from a slovenian producer Gazzi or foreign producers. All from gas or electric stoves to grills and fryers.

Convention Ovens

When deciding on convention oven you can choose between the italian design of Unox or german Rational.

A varitey of showcase coolers for desserts or serving coolers for meet. Coolers for cheese and dairy products. 

Coolers and freezers in different dimensions. Wine coolers. Glass or full doors, LEDs, locks, adjustable net, stainless steel or wood shelves.